Protect your Child’s Identity

Each year as the summer winds down and you prepare to send the kids back to school, the news is filled with stories about theft of a child’s identity. The internet is filled with information and facts about protecting your child’s identity.

We thought that this excerpt needed to be shared…

To protect your child’s identity, use the following tips:

1. Never carry your child’s social security card around with you.

2. Destroy documents that contain your child’s full name and date of birth. Documents that have any details that could identify your child should be destroyed.

3. Monitor your children when they are using social media. Make sure your children never post their full name, date of birth, address or phone number.

4. Your kids should use passwords for their tablets and smart-phones. Kids should also change their passwords often. and they should never share their passwords with anyone.

5. Confirm the legitimacy of any letters you receive that inform you that your child’s personal information has been compromised. If the letter is legitimate, take advantage of free identity protection services that are offered. Contact each of the three nationwide national credit reporting companies.

6. I one of your children has had their identity stole, make sure you monitor the personal information of all your children. Targeting multiple children in the same household is common practice for thieves.