Today’s newsletter is simply going to address some of the facts surrounding the Credit Bureaus and the control they have over the general public. The more you are informed…..the less you can be taken advantage of. Stand up and fight!

Over 80 million people in the country now work from home according to the US Bureau of Statistics! Entrepreneurs are classified as high credit risks!

With good credit you can save over $1400 per year on a car loan!

With good credit you can save over $30,000 on a mortgage of $75,000 over a period of 20 years.

75{cd210233548fb516dd6eab2e63a2cae88670bfe7300aa34854d1648ca717978d} of Major Lending Institutions do not handle anything less than “A” paper! “A” paper refers to individuals with a 740 or higher Credit Score.

Did you know that your credit record reflects whether or not you are an “A”, “B”, “C”, or “D” borrower?

Did you know that B, C, or D borrowers pay from 1{cd210233548fb516dd6eab2e63a2cae88670bfe7300aa34854d1648ca717978d} to 15{cd210233548fb516dd6eab2e63a2cae88670bfe7300aa34854d1648ca717978d} in higher interest rates, losing thousands of dollars yearly?

Wall Street is virtually closed to those with less than perfect credit reports because most brokers will not trade with them!

Many people are rejected by insurance companies because they have marginal or worse credit records!

Complaints about Credit Bureaus top the list with the Federal Trade Commission!

The average consumer complained to the FTC only after they had already complained to the Credit Bureaus without satisfaction for an average of 23 weeks! A somewhat shocking revelation yet it gets worse!

It is time for consumers to start questioning Credit Bureaus procedures & their failure to comply with existing laws and demand a change in the conduct and ethics of the bureaus. The bureaus have launched well publicized accuracy advertising campaigns yet the record shows that complaints and problems are increasing rather than decreasing.