FREE Credit Report

Keeping tabs on your credit report is extremely important. Creditors use the report in making lending decisions so it is imperative to review it at least once a year for accuracy. Mistakes happen. Sometimes a creditor places a debt on the wrong person’s credit report. Take advantage of the opportunity to request a free credit report once a year from Read more

Bad Credit Can Empty Your Wallet

It is common knowledge that banks and credit card companies are hesitant to finance individuals with Ugly Credit but did you know that IF they do extend credit, the out-of-pocket expense to you can be costly. Read more

Federal Trade Commission

provides a great article on the topic of Managing someone else’s money. It covers information about the fiduciary responsibility that goes along with this. Read more

You have seen the ads on TV and on the internet from companies claiming they can fix your “bad” credit, but can they really?

We all would like to believe that if we pay a company hundreds or thousands of dollars they will actually fix our credit so that our credit score will increase. I can tell you that there is some truth in this, but you must understand the facts first. Read more

Today’s newsletter is simply going to address some of the facts surrounding the Credit Bureaus and the control they have over the general public. The more you are informed…..the less you can be taken advantage of. Stand up and fight!

Over 80 million people in the country now work from home according to the US Bureau of Statistics! Entrepreneurs are classified as high credit risks! Read more

Keep in mind that nothing in the world of consumer credit happens at a “lightning rate,” but I have personally seen the following strategies implemented – and have seen Fico scores
pop up 40+ points in under 2 weeks. Read more