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Fix Your Credit Yourself

You have seen the ads on TV and on the internet from companies claiming they can fix your “bad” credit, but can they really?

We all would like to believe that if we pay a company hundreds or thousands of dollars they will actually fix our credit so that our credit score will increase. I can tell you that there is some truth in this, but you must understand the facts first.

Fact 1 – You can do the work YOURSELF and save quite a bit of money.

Fact 2 – You can hire a reputable company like Credit Ugly, with more than 15 years of experience, to do this for you and for a reasonable fee.

Fact 3 – No matter how you decide to fix your credit, the only legal fix is to dispute errors that are found on your credit report. This means that you cannot just say a reporting agency is wrong, you have to provide proof as well. Yes, if the information is truly inaccurate the credit reporting agency is required to remove it. And yes, this could possibly increase your credit score, but it also may not.

Fact 4 – You can do this YOURSELF!

The Do It Yourself Credit Repair Software by Credit Ugly can help you navigate the challenges in disputing errors on your credit report. With easy installation and step by step guidance the Do It Yourself Credit Repair Software provides you with all the same tools the professionals use.

Purchase the software today and start helping YOURSELF to a better life.